Support line for retail system    (901) 363-9233


All support calls should use this number If no one is available,

leave a message and the system will automatically page support person.

In case of emergency,  calls will be taken at (901) 335-2596 or

(317) 437-3500.  Please only use these numbers for situations where you

must speak to someone immediately and no one is available on support line.

In other cases, leave a message on the regular support line and someone

will contact you as soon as possible.


Before you call :      

If you are having trouble with passwords, check your Number lock and

CAPS lock.


If you are having printer trouble, check cables and paper.   Also check the

print queue to make sure there are no pending documents.


 If you are having connection problems with server, make sure you have network

access.    Frame Relay users should contact their network administrator.


Customers accessing their home office system utilizing internet via DSL, Cable, or

Satellite, please make sure you have internet access.   If you do not have internet access

you will not have access to home office.



More on support and along with urldefaultvml
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