Report Update July 11, 2006


Note: This report is currently only available in POS.  A future release will make this report available in the Home Office.

Part Number Transactions Report

This is a new report designed to give you detailed transaction activity for any individual part number.  Transaction activity includes receiving,

adjustments, transfers, and sales. To see detailed activity for individual part numbers:


1.      In POS, go to your Reports Menu and select the Part Number Transactions Report.


         Enter the Start Date

         Enter the End Date

         Enter the Brand ID

         Enter the Part Number to be reviewed, press ENTER.  The part number will appear in the upper left hand portion of the report.


Information Detail

         All Individual Transaction Dates will appear in the first column


         The second column will show how the transaction affects the part number, either through an inventory transaction or sales transaction


         The third column, Reftype Reference, will refer to the transaction triggers for example, part number quantity affected by a sale or received with or without a Purchase Order.  Individual details for sales transactions will be shown after the part number reference.


         The fourth column, Pqty, shows the starting inventory quantity, before the individual transactions.  This quantity will always be the same as the ending quantity from the previous transaction.


         The fifth column shows, Qty shows both the Ending Part Quantity and the quantities of the individual sales transactions that resulted in the Ending Part Quantity


         The Final Column shows the extended cost for the individual sales transactions only



In the example below, the following information can be obtained.


         On 4/5/06, the starting inventory quantity of Part BGO 062-29 was 20.  Four of this item were sold on ticket number 11770 at a cost of $129.60 each.  After the sale the ending quantity is 16. (20 less 4)

         On 4/6/06, the starting inventory is the same as the previous day. (16) Two individual sales transactions changed the inventory.  Ticket Number 11822 contained two individual line items, each with a quantity of 2.  The first line item of 2 parts sold changed the inventory from 16 to 14, the second line item of 2 parts sold changed the inventory from 14 to 12.


         On 5/30/06, the quantity on hand of this part is 2.  I received 6 into inventory (without a PO) with brings my on-hand up to 8. 


         On 6/1/06, an additional 4 were received into inventory without a PO, bringing the quantity up to 12.


Receiving Cost is not reflected in this report.