End of Day Process Enhancements


Durnig the end of day process there are now two cash count screens, one is for total

Cash drawer count and a new screen for cash deposit count sheet.  In addition , the counts

are retained if the user enters coin and bill counts and has to leave the end of day screen.


Total Drawer Cash Count

Clicking the button for Total Cash Drawer Count brings up the window titled End of Day

Cash Count,  entering coin and bill count calculates dollar value, clicking the post total

button will write the calculated total back to the Cash Counted field on the end day screen

and save the counts entered in the event the user has to leave the End of day screen. The

Cancel button will not save the counts.  Click the Print button after entering counts and

a report is produced  titled End of Day Cash Count



Cash Count for Bank Deposit

Clicking the button labeled Cash to Deposit, displays a count screen titled Cash to Deposit

Count, this screen operates in same manner as above expect the Close button saves the

counts entered in case you have to leave the end day screen and come back. In addition

the calulcated total is not written back to end of day screen, the cash to deposit field can

not be changed, it is aclcuated based on entriesd elsewhere in the End Day screen.  The Print

button produces a report titled Cash to Deposit  Count